Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rogue in Rain

Okay, not really, because it stopped raining when I got there and started pouring after I left.

Much easier to handle on the ground today. She tried to get ahead of me a couple of times when I was leading her -- not maliciously, though, just seemed like she didn't know better. Backed and/or turned her and made her re-do things nicely. I cross-tied her in M's old stall and she was completely fine to tack up. I just brushed her once over very quickly and didn't do her feet (I was tight on time, she'd been inside all day anyhow, and the ring was muddy anyhow) and was able to bridle her without incident on the first try.

She was a being a bit ignorant about "Over!" so I just kept a crop in my hand. Voice command --> Push --> Smack! as necessary. Had to thwap her a few times during tack-up, but she always moved over. She was much better about it after.

She wasn't as nice to lunge today, kept falling in on the circle one way and wouldn't move out for love or money. Was cantering on the other end of the not-circle and pulling out so that I had to yank her back in. She was trying to tug her head down when I was leading her, and later when I was riding her she was doing the same when we crossed puddles -- to try to get a drink! Turned out in the end that she was SUPER thirsty, so I think that explained some of the fussing and attitude in general.

She kept swinging her butt away at the mounting block.  This time I was prepared and brought a dressage whip out so I could reach far enough to swat her butt when she did that. I wasn't able to move her over enough that way to set her back up without getting down again, but at least it annoyed her enough that she eventually stood in place.

Uneventful ride (in a good way!). She had more pep today but still wasn't ever "fast." She was lookier than last time, but still didn't do anything about it. Went through puddles fine, aside from the aforementioned desire to drink out of them. Would NOT continue trotting while pooping. :/

As for me: remembered to lift my chest, kept my hands low and STEADY while posting, and I'm trying to make pushing my left shoulder back and down THE main left-turn aid so that hopefully it becomes automatic. I noticed, early in the ride when I was still half anticipating something happening, that I hollow my back a bit and push my butt behind me when I'm tense. Had to consciously correct it. It isn't usually a problem otherwise, at least as far as I'm aware.

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